Next Level Marketing and Media Buying

With Real-Time Intelligence & Activations

Unleash the power of AI to transform how you plan, purchase, and position your brand in market. Premium brand safety and contextual alignment are a click away.

Unlike any tool you've used before

Centralize your brand, harness real-time data, and navigate through controversies with unified and consistent communication, promoting strategic decision-making with ease.

Define your Brand's Mentality to codify its unique DNA

Decision-making made simple(r)

Set direction with your Brand Profile

Start today with your Brand Mentality Profile, and rapidly bring your unique DNA to the market through your actionable brand playbook

Powered by AI

Allow Brand Mentality’s generative AI to autofill your Brand Profile on your behalf. Then check it over, made edits, and start discovering

Hundreds of Scenarios

Our ever growing & changing Brand Mentality profile is agile in staying current & relevant to the consumers of today

The Future of Activation
& Intelligence is Here

Identify, track, and act on moments for maximum impact


Build momentum with

Spot the next big headline before it finds you

Maximize the moment

Utilize custom or standard boards to see what is happening in your industry, amongst your competitors, and in the world around you.

Personalized Recommendations

Generated by AI, implemented by you. Based on your profile inputs, Brand Mentality will tailor an response approach for every moment on your boards.

Keywords, Videos, and Hashtags

With your brand profile completed, you can collect all the insights you need on your boards.

Discover the power of true intelligence

Tackle the barrage of rapid-fire, socially amplified cultural moments with real-time strategies, messages, and placements.


Deploy & Optimize with intelligence

Translate platform learnings into real action - all in one place

Export & Go

Activate across Youtube, Digital Video, CTV, Live Streaming, and more

Own your own impact

Leverage your learnings in short term & long term planning
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